Forankra present – “A safe story on the move”

Cargo securing is required in all situations where goods are shifted or transported and should always be adapted to the goods and the selected cargo carrier. In our new Forankra movie, you get a quick insight of the environment and the modes of transport we deliver cargo securing solutions to. If you have any questions […]

Secumax Opticut – knife for precise cut

     NEW PRODUCT! Secumax Opticut is a Teflon-coated knife with push-cut function, which makes it ideal for clean and precise cut. Its metal foot makes it both easy to slide through most materials and extremely abrasion resistant.   For more information: – See product page – Contact us        

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

We wish all our customers and suppliers a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2018!   We will also take the opportunity to inform you about our opening hours during the holiday: Vårgårda Office and warehouse are closed week 52. We open again January 2, 2018.   Helsingborg Office and warehouse are closed week […]

Smart products for easy handling of lashings

Forankra launches three smart products which make the handling of straps a lot easier. 270510021 Dynello Rewinder Dynello Rewinder is a professional power tool for fast winding of lashing straps. The sturdy strap winder can wind dry, dirty, wet and frozen straps. The strap winder is suitable for both large and small straps. 270510022 Dynello […]

Ergobar with hoop

Our popular product range Ergobar have now been expanded to include the short Ergobar with a mounted hoop. By using Ergobar with a hoop, it becomes easier to support goods with a larger surface, eg. cartons on a pallet. The hoop can also be purchased separately and mounted on an Ergobar. New products 170210020 – Ergobar […]

Tenmet – controlles tensioning force in lashings

CAMPAIGN To facilitate for transport companies Forankra launches a campaign during November and December, where we sell our patented Tenmet measuring tool at a discounted price. This is the same measuring tool which the police, the Coast Guard and Arbetsmiljöverket use to control cargo securing on the roads. Tenmet shows the actual tension force of the lashing and helps the user […]

Insufficient cargo securing is a death trap on our roads

SVT (Swedish Television) has recently focused on the insufficient cargo securing on the roads in Sweden. In a reportage they describe a raid against trucks that the police and Arbetsmiljöverket (the Work Environment Authority) made where they performed flying controls on the roads using Forankra’s patented measurement tool Tenmet. The conclusion in the report is that many heavy loads were secured with too […]

Time for snow chains!

Forankra has many different models and dimensions of snow chains for buses and trucks. The snow chains offer good grip and driving comfort and are designed to be used on all the tires. Which kind of snow chains do you need in order to drive safely on winter road conditions with snow and ice covered roads? Click […]

Forankra will be part of the business area Transport Solutions

Axel Johnson International creates the new business area Transport Solutions where the Forankra group and allsafe will be included together with Abkati, Widni, Eigenbrodt and Sternhammar. The new business group will target the transport market as a whole, going beyond the current focus on components for heavy vehicles and cargo securing solutions covering transport for […]

Ergobar Short – new member in the Ergobar family

After a positive response to our new Ergobar we are pleased to announce that the range now also includes the new model Ergobar Short, for the lower cabinets.   In our Ergobar range we now have the following models: 170210015 – Ergobar Short | 1900-2400 mm 170210016 – Ergobar Standard | 2400-2800 mm 170210017 – Ergobar Nordic […]

PREMIUM – new range of lashings

Forankra launches Premium, which is a high quality product range of lashings for the professional user. The products have ergonomic design, Cr6+ free components and high tension force. All Premium products are labelled and executed in accordance with SS-EN 12195-2. For more information click here to see the products included in the Premium range or […]

Have a nice summer!

We wish all our customers and suppliers a nice summer and holiday! Our opening hours during the summer 2017: Our office is open all summer Our warehouse  is closed for deliveries week 30 Our production is closed week 29-31 Helsingborg:  Office and warehouse are closed week 29-30 Please, contact us of you have any questions […]

Solutions for temperature sensitive goods

Goods such as foods, drugs and chemicals are often temperature sensitive or sensitive to temperature variations. Incorrect temperature can lead to major financial losses in the form of damaged goods and, in particular, consequential costs in lost business and customer relations. Forankra offer different systems of highly efficient thermo-products, which enables handling of goods that require […]

We are moving our unit in Vara to Vårgårda

As of Monday June 26 our unit in Vara including office, warehouse and production will be moved to the Forankra Head Office in Vårgårda. We welcome old and new customers to contact us there. Customers who want to continue to purchase our products in Vara are recommended to turn to Vara Säljservice at our old […]

Forankra introduces Cr6+ FREE components

In line with Forankra’s long-term work on sustainability issues, we will gradually replace metal components with Cr6-free alternatives. First out is our new Premium range, which contains only Cr6-free ratchets. During the spring 2017, we will start introducing Cr6 free ratchets and components in other parts of our product range.  

Thermo walls – enables transports of temperature sensitive goods

Forankra launched several new thermo walls during the last year, such as BeCool and Walk in wall. We have today a wide range of thermo-products, that can be used on most types of cargo carriers. With highly insulating material in the thermo-walls and thermo covers good insulation between different temperature zones can be obtained, enabling safe transportation […]

Ergobar Nordic – new cargo bar for the higher cabinets

Ergobar is a patented cargo bar with 2-spring function and low weight, which facilitates the work of securing and separating goods on load carriers. We are now expanding our range with Ergobar Nordic, a longer model for the higher cabinets.   In our Ergobar range we now have the following models: 170210016 – Ergobar Standard | 2400-2800 […]

Rollo – lashing with seat bealt functionality

Rollo is a very easy-to-use lashing for securing light or medium heavy loads. The function is similar to a regular seat belt. The webbing is rolled out to the desired length and is tensioned like a traditional ratchet, after use the webbing is rolled up automatically. Please, watch our video to see how Rollo can […]

Forankra wins Axel Johnson award for innovation!

The prize was handed over by Chairman Caroline Berg and CEO Mia Brunell to Pierre-Louis Sounie (MD, Forankra France) and Richard Biaud (Mgr R&D, Forankra). At Axel Johnson’s annual meeting in Stockholm, April 6, it was announced that Forankra’s R&D team, in hard competition with other AXAB group companies, won the Renewal Prize of the Year. The […]

BASIC – Success for new range of lashings

BASIC is a new and affordable range of lashings, covering most needs in cargo securing. The product range includes both two parted and endless lashings as well as special lashings for car trailers and vans. All lashings fulfill the requirements of EN 12195-2, which means that they are approved for transports throughout Europe. The BASIC […]