The Forankra Group

Forankra AB is part of the Forankra Group, a leading European supplier of cargo-securing and lifting equipment for customers in the road, air and shipping transportation sectors, industry and OEMs. The group comprises about 230 employees in 11 companies. Forankra is mainly active in the Nordic countries, Poland, France, Spain and UK. Additionly, we have partnership with group companies within Axel Johnson International – Widni (Finland and Estonia) and allsafe (Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey and Australia).
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Part of Axel Johnson International

The Forankra Group is part of Axel Johnson International, a privately owned Swedish industrial group of more than 110 companies in 27 countries, with combined annual sales of €960 million. Axel Johnson International has five business areas where Forankra belongs to Transport Solutions.
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Axel Johnson

Our owner, Axel Johnson Group, is a family-owned company with a mission to build and develop profitable businesses in trade and services. The company was founded in Sweden in 1873 and now comprises 20,000 employees and a vast range of businesses.
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