Smart products for easy handling of lashings



Forankra launches three smart products which make the handling of straps a lot easier.

270510021 Dynello Rewinder

Dynello Rewinder is a professional power tool for fast winding of lashing straps. The sturdy strap winder can wind dry, dirty, wet and frozen straps. The strap winder is suitable for both large and small straps.

270510022 Dynello Fling Clip

With Dynello Fling Clip it is easier to throw straps over loaded goods. This aid has an extra ’sling-strap’ and low weight (60 g) which can provide you with a better throw-technique and minimize the risk of back- and shoulder injuries.

270510023 Dynello Clip

With Dynello Clip you can keep your lashing straps neat and avoid them to get tangled. Dynello Clip is made for professional use and retains easily the winded lashing strap with a strong grip.