Forankra's Environmental objectives 2022

  • At least 95 % of the product volume should have a recycling instruction by 2022
  • At least 90% of internal waste must be sorted into a recyclable fraction by 2022 (combustible is not counted as a recyclable fraction)
  • 100% of our suppliers of direct material from prioritized countries according to "Axel Johnson International's Sustainability in Supply Chain Guideline" shall be audited
  • Develop an action plan for calculating the carbon footprint of our products by 2022
  • 100% of our product packaging should be material recyclable within 2025
  • 100 % of the value of incoming and outgoing shipments must be done by environmentally certified carriers or carriers that work actively with environmental issues
  • Map the possibility of fossil-free domestic transports



Sustainability is our core guiding principle which runs throughout the complete organization. The concept of a sustainable business involves how we define our customer offering through the actions of our organization to how we chose suppliers, produce and transport our products. It is our responsibility to continually improve all aspects of our business -environment, social and economic – to help create a better world than today.

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