Forankra’s expert holds lecture at SAGIT’s cargo securing conference



November 8, 2018, the association SAGIT (Säkring Av Gods I Trafik) held a cargo securing conference in Stockholm. The theme of the conference was the content, interpretation, supervision and legal application of the new Swedish regulation for cargo securing for road transports TSFS 2017: 25.

To highlight these topics, representatives from the relevant authorities and industry participated in the conference. Forankra AB's cargo securing expert Mats Staffas was one of the lecturers and he presented the standards and regulations that apply to lashing equipment as well as what is applicable to cargo equipment NOT covered by a standard!

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Forankra AB participates in several Swedish and international industry forums, which is an important part of our work to keep us informed and to be able to influence standards and regulations in the field of cargo securing. If you would like to know more about current regulations for cargo securing, you are always welcome to contact our experts.



SAGIT is a Swedish expert and consultation forum on cargo securing issues in the field of road and marine transports. SAGIT initiates and monitors Swedish and international regulatory changes within the EU, identifying problem areas where there is a need for research and development, with the overall goal of developing safer cargo transports.

In 1996, SAGIT initiated the development and updating of TFK's cargo securing manual, which laid the foundation for new cargo securing principles. The group also took the initiative for the European Best Practice Guidelines on Cargo Securing for Road Transport.