Timberwebbing 50mm

Timberwebbing Dry 50mm, sewn eye – delta ring with bar

The timber webbing is made for use in winches on timber trucks. The special ABT-Dry webbing is made from polyester impregnated to repel water and dirt, which increase the durability. The webbing is therefore always soft and flexible which avoids frozen webbings even during winter time. Marking and performance according to SS-EN 12192-2.

Product nr: 132110006
Description: Timberwebbing 50mm | Length: 10m | with sewn eye - delta ring with bar | LC: 2000daN | Color: Iceblue, Dry webbing | 20pcs/box
EAN: 7393347056537
Previous ID: 10152L-2000
Band width (mm): 50
Fitting: Ring
Breaking load (kg): 5000
LC (daN): 2000
Length (m): 10.0
Color: Blue
Material: Steel