Superlash Decklashing middle part, complete

Superlash 99™ – System for deck lashing

Superlash 99™ is a unique lashing system for timber deck cargo. It is easy and efficient to use and gives a very high pretension. The lashing time is short and to release the pretension takes only a second.
For a complete deck lashing solution we recommend the usage of our ratchet handle and extra tightener. Lashing straps on both sides of the deck cargo secure the load on the ship.

Superlash 99™ meets the requirements in the TDC-code of 2011.

A complete Superlash 99™ deck lashing consists of:
180110021 – Deck lashing Superlash 99, middle part 7m (1 pcs)
180110032 – Lashing strap, 7m (2 st)

Accessories to Superlash 99™:
180110016 – Ratchet handle Superlash 98/99
180110017 – Tightener Superlash 99

Customized system for your ship
We can customize Superlash 99™ to your specifications. All we need are the following dimensions (see illustration):
A. Distance from deck fitting to top of hatch cover
B. Max height of load
C. Width of hatch cover

Product nr: 180110021
Description: Decklashing Superlash 99, middle part | 7,0/14,2 m | | Trailer winch 50 mm with demont. triangle and hook | Freemoving hook on webbpart. | protection 0,3 m, two pcs | Braking Load 133 kN | MSL 66,7 kN | Deck timber lashing
Previous ID: 0331-3


Manual Superlash 99