Superlash 98 MSL 100 kN, TRAILER LASHING

Superlash 98™ – System for trailer lashings

Superlash 98 is a unique lashing for RoRo cargo such as machines and trailers and is adapted to the major challenges facing cargo securing at sea. The winch is equipped with a fixed E-foot, which is easily applied in the deck fitting. The running hook is attached to the load and after the excess strap easily has been rolled up the strap can quickly and efficiently come up in very high pretension. The pretension is released in one step and takes only a second.
For a complete and effective solution, we recommend the use of our ratchet handle (180110016).

Superlash 98™ complies with the specifications in the CSS code of 2011, appendix 4, section 6.1.

A complete Superlash 98™ trailer lashing consists of:
180110028 – Trailersurrning Superlash 98, EWL 3,0m

Accessory to Superlash 98™:
180110016 – Ratchet handle Superlash 98/99

Product nr: 180110028
Description: Trailer lashing Superlash 98 | EWL 3,0 m | Double Duplex webbing | Superlash-winch 50 mm with fixed E-foot | Freemoving hook on webbpart. | MBL 200 kN/MSL 100 kN