Spare Parts for Cargo Bars

Button spring, V-shaped

Product nr: 170110032
Description: Button spring, V-shaped | Cargo bar Gas, Sparepart
Cargo hoop

Cargo hoop

Product nr: 170110008
Description: Cargo hoop | Cargo bar Gas/LF | Accessories
Cargo hoop Ergobar

Cargo hoop for Ergobar

Product nr: 170110072
Description: Cargo hoop Ergobar | Aluminum | W720 x H1410mm | Blocking Capacity 150daN
Tool for snow chain

Chain pliers för Snow chain

Product nr: 270210008
Description: Chain pliers för Snow chain | Blåmann 450mm

Foot Cargo bar Gas, Sparepart

Product nr: 170110030
Description: Foot | Cargo bar Gas, Sparepart
Foot to Ergobar, spare part, acessory

Foot small

Product nr: 170110005
Description: Foot to Ergobar & round and aluminiumbar | Sparepart
Foot for LF cargo bar

Foot to LF cargo bar

Product nr: 170110069
Description: Foot to LF cargo bar | Fits both upper and lower end | Kit with feet, cap & screw
Gas spring, 1200N

Gas spring, 1200N

Product nr: 170110036
Description: Gas spring, 1200N | Cargo bar Gas, Sparepart
Gas spring, 700N, spare part

Gas spring, 700N

Product nr: 170110077
Description: Gas spring, 700N | Gas-Cargo bar, spare part

Guide washer, steel

Guide washer, steel

Product nr: 170110049
Description: Guide washer, steel | Cargo bar Gas, Sparepart
Handle blue

Handle blue

Product nr: 170110029
Description: Handle blue | Cargo bar Gas, Sparepart
Leeve, plastic

Leeve, plastic

Product nr: 170110047
Description: Leeve, plastic | Cargo bar Gas, Sparepart
Handle for Ergobar, spare part

Lever Ergobar

Product nr: 170110074
Description: Lever Ergobar | Blue | Sparepart

Lock button

Product nr: 170110039
Description: Lock button | Cargo bar Gas, Sparepart
Locking spring

Locking spring

Product nr: 170110034
Description: Locking spring | Cargo bar Gas, Sparepart
u-profile, cargo bar

Plate for U-profile

Product nr: 170110043
Description: Plate for U-profile | Cargo bar Gas, Sparepart

Socket for Lock button/spring

Product nr: 170110041
Description: Socket for Lock button/spring | Cargo bar Gas, Sparepart
Square tube, 1740mm

Square tube, 1740mm

Product nr: 170110045
Description: Square tube, 1740mm | Cargo bar Gas, Sparepart
Square tube, 2245mm

Square tube, 2245mm

Product nr: 170110044
Description: Square tube, 2245mm | Cargo bar Gas, Sparepart
Stand for Cargo bars

Stand for cargo bars

Product nr: 170110073
Description: Stand for cargo bars
U-Profile | Gas cargo bar, spare part


Product nr: 170110042
Description: U-profile | Cargo bar Gas, Sparepart