Magnetic lifter

Lifting Magnet 1000kg

Lifting magnets in the PLM-series consist of high strength permanent lifting magnets used for holding plate type or cylindrical work-pieces, made of ferro-magnetic materials, during the lifting process. The lifting magnets are easy to operate and have low weight, strong holding force, high safety and reliability.

The lifting magnet is turned on and off by turning the handle. It needs no exterior power source for its operation and running. The load or ambient temperature must not exceed 80°C. CE-marked.

Product nr: 240910009
Description: Lifting Magnet | PLM 1000 | Round surface: 500kg | Flat surface: 1000kg | SF 4:1 | EN 13155
EAN: 7393347080709
WLL (kg): 1000
Weight (kg): 43
Surface: Painted