PET hand strap


PET-straps are extruded out of polyester. The PET-straps has won an increasing market share and can in some cases replace steel straps. It has a very versatile use and with characters that are unique compared to other materials, the economy also gets interresting. PET-Strap can be used both manually and in automatic machines. We have dimensions from 9-32 mm width, and 0,5-1,3 mm thickness. The straps are delivered on rolls with 406 mm core 150 mm width.PET-straps has very good elasticity and shock absorbant ability. These features make up an effective and safe cargo fixation on pallets and trailers in the transport chain. Polyester is recyclable and is easy to handle when gathering.

Product nr: 370110016
Description: PET-strap | 12x0,60mm green embossed | Core: 406/148mm 2500m 1/box
Breaking load (kg): 270
Length (m): 2500.0
Qty/package: 1
Qty/pallet: 44
Dimension: 12 x 0.60