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Stretchfilm hand mini

Stretch film is an amazing way to pack materials. It is made out of polyethylene. It’s unique qualities makes it suitable for securing, protecting and in some cases also covering the goods. Stretch film can be made with different qualities for different needs. That’s why it’s important to choose the right product for different packing. Please contact us, and we will together choose the best product for you.On our website we show you the most common qualities, which we normally have on stock, but please feel free to ask if you can’t find your product here – we have more to offer.

Product nr: 390110010
Description: Stretchfilm hand mini | 20my 100mmx150m | Core: 38mm transp 35/box
EAN: 7393347688080
Previous ID: 686010021
Width (mm): 100
Length (m): 150
Color: Transparent
Qty/package: 35
Thickness (my): 20