Foldable partition

Foldable partition WxH 2500x2800mm

The foldable thermo wall is made of durable and easy care polythylene. The glossy surface makes it easy to keep clean, which is important for hygienic reasons. The wall has a high insulation capacity that provides a good insulation between temperature zones. The insulation material has a thermal conductivity value of 0.042 W/mK. Straps mounted at each end of the folding wall allows mounting of cargo bars. The combination allows for a flexible, easy-to-move wall that fits different solutions. For walls over 2650mm it is mounted in an aluminum rail to “rigidize” the entire structure. Socket for foot on cargo bar is at the top of the center section. Weighs approximately: 2.2 kg /m². Color: White, gray, blue as desired. Made to order in the desired size.

Product nr: 280110060
Description: Foldable partition | WxH 2500x2800mm | Woven polyester, white | Thermal Con. 0,042 W/mK | Strap for cargobars on each side | Socket for cargobar foot on middle section | Alu profile in middle section for reinforcement | Partition
EAN: 7393347070809
Previous ID: 56T2-2528
Length (mm): 2500
Width (mm): 32
Height (mm): 2800
Material: EPEX/Tarpaulin