Cargo securing for air transport

Cargo securing for air transport is a strictly regulated area where standards differ from other transport modes. The Forankra group has concentrated its expertise and production in Forankra GPI in France, which specializes in cargo securing for air transport. Forankra GPI is represented in Sweden by Forankra AB, and we provide a full range of expertise in this area.

Cargo securing in air transport are made by special nets and straps. Cargoes in ULD units are secured in the same way.


GPI Forankra has focused on developing pallet nets of the highest performance combined with the lightest weight. Today they are offering the lightest polyester nets on the market.


Air cargo industry has unique requirements in terms of certification, security, performance and costs. For this reason, the cargo nets are regularly tested for their conformity to NAS 3610 and AS 36100 requirements.

Useful information

There are special regulations regarding cargo securing for air transports. Contact us to discuss how you can secure your cargo in the optimal way.


Forankra offers several services in cargo securing for air transport:

• Training in cargo securing
• Advice
• Customized products and solutions

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