Cargo securing for road transport

Cargoes are secured by means of locking, blocking and lashing according to the principles in our cargo securing manual. For more detailed information, also see “European Best Practices Guidelines on Cargo Securing for Road Transport”, an EU publication written by an expert group of representatives from member states and the industry.

Forankra supplies a wide range of products for safe road transport. Our product range includes families of lashing products with various properties, chain slings, unique patented cargo bars, loading and shoring beams, friction mats, cargo studs, stop blocks, corner protectors, dunnage bags etc. You will also find tools that make work easier such as strap winders, strap tension gauges and storage solutions.

Our products meet the applicable standards and regulations and are manufactured in quality controlled processes. "Safety First" is our motto. You can feel secure with products and solutions from Forankra.

Useful information

There are many regulations regarding cargo securing for road transports. Contact us to discuss how you can secure your cargo in the optimal way.


Forankra offers several services in cargo securing for road transport:

• Training in cargo securing
• Advice
• Customized products and solutions

Example of products used in road transports

There are many different products which can be used for cargo securing in road transports. Below you will find examples of such products. Click the product link for more information and to see which other products are available within the selected product category.



Lashings – PREMIUM

Premium 25

Premium 25 2-parted

Product nr: 130410019
Description: Premium 25 2-parted | Width: 25mm | Short part: 0,3m with doublehook | Long part: 4,7m with doublehook | LC: 750daN | Color: Orange
Premium 35

Premium 35 2-parted

Product nr: 130510010
Description: Premium 35 2-parted | Width: 35mm | Short part: 0,4m with doublehook | Long part: 5,6m doublehook with latch | LC: 1000daN | Color: Orange
Premium Rollo 50

Premium Rollo 50

Product nr: 131610016
Description: Premium Rollo 50 | Width: 50mm |Length: 3,2m with doublehook |LC: 600daN | Color: Orange
Premium 50,  gradual release

Premium 50 2000 2-parted

Product nr: 130610135
Description: Premium 50 2000 2-parted | Gradual Release Function | width: 50mm | Short part: 0,4m with double hook | Long part: 9,6m doublehook with latch | LC: 2000daN | Color: Orange
Premium 50 ERGO+

Premium 50 2000 ERGO+ 2-parted

Product nr: 130610036
Description: Premium 50 2000 ERGO+ 2-parted | Width: 50mm | Short part: 0,4m with doublehook | Long part: 9,6m with doublehook with latch| LC 2000daN | Color: Orange
Classic 2-part 50mm

Classic 2-part 50mm

Product nr: 130610055
Description: Classic 2-part 50mm | Short part: 0,5m with doublehook | Long part: 9,5m with doublehook with latch | LC: 1600daN | Color: Orange
Classic Pro 2-part 50mm

Classic Pro 2-part 50mm

Product nr: 130610091
Description: Classic Pro 2-part 50mm | Short part: 0,5m with doublehook | Long part: 9,5m with doublehook | LC: 2000daN | Color: Orange
Machine 2-part 75mm

Machine lashing, 2-part 75mm

Product nr: 130710001
Description: Machine lashing 2-part 75mm | Short part: 0,5m with doublehook | Long part: 9,5m with doublehook | LC: 4500daN | Color: Yellow


Our products comply to current standards and regulations and are manufactured in accordance to quality controlled processes. "Safety first" is our motto. 

Standards for road transports



Choosing the right lashing


Lashings are the most common way to secure cargo. The choice of lashing depends on the type of goods and the choice of cargo carriers. Please, contact us for advice and recommendations in order to ensure the correct solution for your goods.

Corner protections and stops


Corner protections are used to protect products and goods from damage when using straps or lashings. The different types of stops are used to prevent the cargo from sliding against the surface.



The loadbinder is used for adjusting the length of the lashing chain. The loadbinder hooks are connected to the chain links.

Cargo bars and shoring beams


Cargo bars and shoring beams are easily used to support and separate the goods on the carrier. In our product range you will find different cargo bars such as gas cargo bars, LF bars and round alumium cargo bars.

Double decking


Double decking is a beam/track system, which makes it possible to load the goods on two levels instead of goods on goods. As a result the risk of damaging the goods is reduced and a more cost effective solution is obtained, as you can transport twice as much cargo.


Thermo products


Forankra has a wide range of thermo-products, that can be used on most types of cargo carriers. With highly insulating material in the thermo-walls and thermo covers good insulation between different temperature zones can be obtained, enabling safe transportation of frozen and refrigerated products as well as frost-sensitive products.


Other useful products


SECU Stick is a Multi-tool which can be used in most situations where it is difficult to access different areas due to height or distance, such as placements of lashings or cargo nets. SECU Stick has a built-in function which makes it easy to fixate or remove tarpaulin slats as well as to position corner protection.


Tenmet 500 is a measurement tool which allows truck drivers to check the tensioning force in the straps in a quick and easy way and thereby ensuring safe cargo securing. Tenmet is easy to use -  just attach it to the strap, push down the handle and read the tension force on the meter. This measurement is easy to perform and takes only a few seconds.


Wind-X is a system that simplifies working with lashings. The system includes the following parts  Wind-X which is a web-roller that helps you roll up the lashing with an electric screwdriver, Grip-X makes sure that the hook on the lashing is kept in place and Lock-X is a velcro product that locks the webbing and keeps it in place.