When should chain slings be replaced?

To ensure “safe lifting”, it is important to always check the lifting equipment before use. The chain sling must be replaced as soon as there are signs of permanent elongation, deformation, cracks or other damages on the chain. The same applies when the wear on the chain exceeds 10 percent of the original dimension. NEVER […]

Rewarding meetings with tow truck drivers!

When Viking Academy earlier this week arranged a training session in towing technique for drivers of tow trucks from all over the country, Forankra had the opportunity to participate in a mini-fair in connection to it. On site, outside Söderhamn, our experts had the opportunity to discuss and demonstrate correct equipment for cargo securing and […]

Every lifting situation is unique!

Safe lifting always starts with choosing the right equipment. The choice of lifting equipment depends on what is to be lifted. Safe lifting requires: • Approved and certified products • Proper handling • Check of the lifting equipment before use Each lifting situation is unique. It is therefore important that everyone who handles lifting equipment […]

When transporting goods on an open trailer…

… make sure that your goods are properly bundled and load-secured on the trailer, eg with cambuckle lashings and lashings. It is also important to prevent all loose goods from falling off or flying away during transport or otherwise causing danger to other fellow road users. This is where a cargo net for open trailers, […]

När du ska flytta saker på släpkärra …

… se då till att dina saker är ordentligt buntade och säkrade på släpkärran. Se också till att alla lösa saker inte kan falla av eller flyga iväg under transporten eller på annat sätt orsakar fara för andra medtrafikanter. Och kom ihåg – det är alltid förarens ansvar att säkerställa att godset är lastsäkrat.   […]

Smooth storage of lashings

There are many different ways to keep your lashings in order without them getting tangled up. With a webbing winder, the lashing can easily be rolled up into a neat roll. The lashing can thereafter be stored in a storage box or bag for lashings. Bandibag is an example of a storage bag, which can […]

Opening hours and deliveries before/during the summer holiday

We are open most of the summer but our office, warehouse and production in Vårgårda will be closed during week 29-30 (July 19-30). Our office and warehouse store in Helsingborg will be closed during week 28-30 (July 12-30). Deliveries before the summer holiday Deliveries will be made before our summer holiday if we reveice the […]

Armaton conducts an LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)

As part of our work with sustainability, we have ordeded an LCA for Armaton’s flatbeds. The LCA will be conducted during the spring 2021 by IVL Swedish Environmental Institute in Gothenburg, Sweden.What is LCA?LCA is an analysis of the carbon footprint a product makes throughout its lifetime.Facts about emissions and resources used in the manufacturing […]

From trainee to Forankra AB

In the 2020 annual review for Axel Johnson International AB there are, in addition to information about the company’s business areas, a few articles about people working within the organization. One of these articles is about Hanna and Philip, who both started at Axel Johnson International as trainees and now have moved on to other […]

Transport Solutions – Annual review 2020

Forankra is part of the business area Transport Solutions within Axel Johnson International AB. In the annual review for 2020 you can read more about what has happened in the business area during 2020 and what the plans are for the future. Read more about Transport Solutions here >>  

Investment for increased service level

As a step in developing our service level and delivery times we have now invested in two vertical storage systems in our warehouse. The installation has just been made and we look forward to the benefits it will provide for us and our customers.

Are you driving around with loose goods in your van?

Then we have a proposal! Use one of Forankra’s easy-to-use Rollo lashings, which are adapted for lashing goods inside smaller vans, trucks and covered trailers. Rollo’s function is similar to a regular seat belt. The lashing stores the webbing inside the short part, so when you are about to secure the load you just have […]

Notification of temporary charge from March 1, 2021

It has probably not escaped anyone that we are in the middle of a very difficult market situation with large imbalances. Deficiencies in materials, raw materials and transport volumes affect all industries. Prices have increased in a way we have not experienced before. Deficiencies and delays in supply chains have already created major disruptions for […]

Chain sling 2-parts, Grade 100 – now in standard lengths!

We have now expanded our lifting equipment range with 2-part chain sling Grade 100, where the lifting chains are available in pre-cut lengths of 2, 3 and 5m. The chain sling is equipped with autolock hooks and master link with integrated shortening hooks. The chain slings in pre-cut lengths are available for chain dimensions 6, […]

 Inadequate cargo securing – a rolling safety hazard

Sunday January 24, 2021, The Swedish TV channel TV4 showed a report on inadequate cargo securing on trucks on Swedish roads. The report was called “Lastbilsslarv – en rullande säkerhetsfara” which translates to “Inadequate cargo securing – a rolling safety hazard (see link to the report here). The program showed several examples of inadequate or […]

Environmental objectives 2021

At Forankra we work continuously with sustainability and we have now updated our environmental objectives for 2021.  Read more about our environmental objectives here!

Inspect your cargo securing equipment regularly!

To achieve the best capacity on your cargo securing equipment, you should regularly inspect and ensure that all components are intact and clean. Therefore, before use, check that the straps on your lashings are not worn, have cut marks or other damages on the edges. If there is any such damage, the lashing should be […]

Merry Christmas!

We would like to thank all our customers and supplier for another year of good cooperation and we wish you all a   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!     Our opening hours during the holiday: Vårgårda Our office and warehouse are open all weekdays in December. Helsingborg Our office and warehouse are closed […]

Properly documented cargo securing!

During our latest photo session, we documented cargo securing in trucks for long-distance transports. It was an intense day for everyone involved in the photo / film team, drivers and our cargo securing specialists. Thank you all for a brilliant effort and patience!

New adventures with our film team!

This time we are following a crane truck driver during his day of planned and unexpected cargo securing and lifting situations!