New range of lifting magnets!

Forankra launches a new range of lifting magnets which can handle lifts in the range of 100-2000 kg. The lifting magnets consist of high strength permanent lifting magnets which holds the plate type or cylindrical work-pieces during the lifting process. Lifting magnets have high strong holding force, low weight and are easy to handle. They need […]

Smartbar – Ergonomic shoring pole with low weight

Forankra launches Smartbar – an ergonomic shoring pole with low weight suitable for small and medium cargo carriers. Smartbar has a blocking capacity of 350 daN and a spring mechanism which makes it very easy to position in the track system. By pulling down the strap the spring is compressed and the shoring pole can […]

Thanks for visiting us at Elmia Lastbil!

ELMIA LASTBIL 2018 became a successful and well-attended trade show for Forankra. In addition to presenting our product news, we demonstrated our PIEK-approved double decking system and a new Armaton modular platform kit. We also discussed the content of the new road transport regulations TSFS 2017:25. We thank all our visitors for coming to our […]

Welcome to Forankra at Elmia Lastbil

  Now we are in place at Elmia Lastbil. Welcome to our stand B01:38!   Entrance ticket For entrance ticket klick here or contact us! Dela

Armaton Modular Platform Kit – new and easy way to build flatbed and box vehicles

Armaton, now a part of Forankra, is launching a new flatbed and box system for light goods vehicles (trucks, vans, etc.). The system is modular and screws together with no special tools. The need for all sorts of commercial vehicles in the up to 3.5 tonnes weight class is constantly growing. Armaton wanted to meet […]

Multi-Stick – Multi tool with 3-in-1 function

Forankra’s newly developed Multi-Stick is a tool that makes the truck driver’s cargo securing ergonomic, safer and more efficient. Multi-Stick can be used in most situations where it is difficult to access different areas due to height or distance, such as placements of lashings or corner protection. With Multi-Stick you get three functions in one […]

See you at Elmia Lastbil 2018

Welcome to our stand B01:38! Forankra exhibits at Elmia Lastbil 2018, August 22-25 in Jönköping. We will preserm several new products in cargo securing and lifting as well as a new Armaton Modular Platform Kit for body builders. Entrance ticket For entrance ticket klick here or contact us!   Dela

Forankra holds environmental certification

With the recently obtained certification Environmental Management System ISO 14001: 2015 Forankra strengthens the position in the market as one of the leading suppliers in cargo securing and lifting equipment. The certification shows that we are a supplier who also takes responsibility for sustainability and the environment. Click here to see all our certifications.

We are closed for vacation week 30-31

Forankra’s offices in Vårgårda and Helsingborg, warehouse and production will be closed during week 30-31. We will be back again Monday August 6. Have a nice summer!

See you at Gothenburg Truck Meet / Tånga Trophy

Forankra is participating at the truck exhibition Gothenburg Truck Meet, which is taking place at Tånga Hed in Vårgårda, Saturday June 1.  Welcome to our stand! Read more about Gothenburg Truck Meet / TångaTrophy (Swedish) How to get there    

New regulation regarding cargo securing effective May 20, 2018

Transportstyrelsen has developed a new Swedish regulation regading cargo securing for road transports, TSFS 2017: 25 – ”Transportstyrelsens föreskrifter och allmänna råd om lastsäkring och kontroll av lastsäkring på och i fordon”. Background IN 2017 wew common requirements for cargo insurance for international road transport within the EU were introduced. The new rules are based […]

Deliveries before the holiday!

Closed for vacation week 30-31 It is getting closer to the holiday season and this summer our offices in Vårgårda and Helsingborg, warehouse and production will be closed during week 30-31.   Deliveries before the vacation  Delivery will be made before our vacation time if we reveice the order before the following dates: 29/6 – […]

Heavily reduced consumption of electricity during 2017!

In Forankra’s Environmental Objectives it is stated that our consumption of electricity should be reduced with 5% per year. It is therefore extra pleasant to note that in 2017 we managed to reduce our consumption of electricity with 37% with a sustained production volume! The measures taken to achieve this result are: We have optimized our […]

New product range of lifting clamps

Lifting clamps are available in two models – LCV and LCH Forankra launches a new product range of lifting clamps where model LCV is intended for vertical lifting of steel plates and model LCH is intended for horisontal lifting of steel plates. Lifting clamps come in different dimensions. NOTE! Horisontal lifting clamps must Aaways be […]

Opening hours Thursday March 29

  Thursday March 29 we have limited opening hours: Vårgårda Our warehouse and production close at 12.30. Our office closes at 13.00 Helsingborg Our office and shop close at 13.      

Webbing loadbinder

We are now expanding our product range with three models of webbing loadbinders. Loadbinders with ratchet are easier to use than traditional loadbinders and they makes you save time during loading and unloading. The loadbinder hooks are made to be used together with short linked lashing chains. In our product range we have the following […]

TENMET helps you get control of the tension force in your lashings

CAMPAIGN To facilitate for transport companies Forankra launches a campaign during February and March, where we sell our patented Tenmet measuring tool at a discounted price. This is the same measuring tool which the police, the Coast Guard and Arbetsmiljöverket use to control cargo securing on the roads. Tenmet shows the actual tension force of the lashing and helps the user […]

Forankra present – “A safe story on the move”

Cargo securing is required in all situations where goods are shifted or transported and should always be adapted to the goods and the selected cargo carrier. In our new Forankra movie, you get a quick insight of the environment and the modes of transport we deliver cargo securing solutions to. If you have any questions […]

Secumax Opticut – knife for precise cut

     NEW PRODUCT! Secumax Opticut is a Teflon-coated knife with push-cut function, which makes it ideal for clean and precise cut. Its metal foot makes it both easy to slide through most materials and extremely abrasion resistant.   For more information: – See product page – Contact us        

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

We wish all our customers and suppliers a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2018!   We will also take the opportunity to inform you about our opening hours during the holiday: Vårgårda Office and warehouse are closed week 52. We open again January 2, 2018.   Helsingborg Office and warehouse are closed week […]