Cargo securing for Truck Body Builders

Truck body builders have to meet stringent demands today.

The market is constantly changing. Demand for new and more efficient transport solutions and solutions that meet complete new transport needs is fuelling development. This means that innovation and the ability to quickly convert creative ideas into finished products are essential requirements. But at the same time it is vital to comply with the relevant standards and regulations.

Substandard truck bodies and structures can endanger safety on our roads and pose high risks to drivers and those who carry out loading and unloading. So it easy to understand why the field is so tightly regulated. In addition to European standards, there are local regulations, which harmonize with each other to varying degrees. Familiarity with these rules is essential for anyone involved in the industry.

We help our customers to develop appropriate solutions within our area of expertise – Cargo Securing and Cargo Optimization. Forankra has over 30 years of experience in this field. Our product range includes cargo securing tracks and systems, double decking systems, cargo bars and shoring beams, mobile thermo-walls for variable temperature zones in refrigerated vehicles, and a complete range of cargo securing equipment that is normally supplied with the vehicle. For lightweight cargo vehicles (LCV) we offer the most innovative dropside locking pillar system on the market – Armaton – respected for its high quality, attractive design and low weight.

Our commitment to quality extends to everything we do. We want you to feel safe with our products and to trust us as a reliable and dependable supplier and partner.

Useful information

There are many regulations regarding truck body building to ensure safe transports. Contact us to discuss how you can secure your cargo in the optimal way.


Forankra offers several services in cargo securing  and for truck body builders:

• Training in cargo securing
• Advice
• Customized products and solutions

Example of products used for truck body building

There are many different cargo securing products which can be used for truck body building. Below you will find examples of such products. Click the product link for more information and to see which other products are available within the selected product category.

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Standards for Truck Body Building



Cargo securing in distribution vehicles


Cargo securing in distribution vehicles can be a challenge since they carry such a wide variety of goods. This places high demands on cargo securing and load optimization to ensure cost-effective operation.


Solutions for timber trucks


Timber trucks carry heavy loads that have to be secured quickly and effectively. Forankra offers a range of solutions that are commonly used in this type of application.

Double decking system for trucks


When a van is loaded there is often a large gap above the load that cannot be filled due to the risk of damaging the goods underneath. One way to overcome this would be to use a double decking solution. This is suitable for many types of goods, such as packaged goods and other light goods transported in roll cages.

Double decking often leads to more efficient volume utilization and improved transport economy. Moreover, it is usually beneficial for the environment as the same quantity of goods can be distributed with fewer vehicles.

PIEK-approved cargo bar


PIEK is a technical solution which reduces noise. Noise from distribution vehicles in urban areas can be perceived as very disturbing and some cities have already introduced a legal requirement on using PIEK-approved vehicles. With Forankra’s PIEK system, "XtraDeck" the sound is brought down to <60dB, which is in line with the "Piek certification and the European Directive 2003/10 EC of 6 February of 2003.

In addition to the PIEK-approval the XtraDeck system has also developed a new height control rod, which is safer and more ergonomical than previous models.

XtraDeck system has received several awards such as “Best New Vehicle Equipment” at Solutrans in Lyon November 2015 and "Logistics Efficiency and Sustainability Awards" in Madrid April 2016.




The Armaton dropside locking pillar system is respected for its high quality, flexibility and attractive design. The structure is strong but light, which allows more of the gross vehicle weight to be used for cargo. As a result Armaton has been chosen by many leading LVC body builders around Europe.



Thermo products


Forankra has a wide range of thermo products – from highly insulating material in thermo walls and pallet covers to corridor systems. Choosing the right thermo product enables safe transportation of frozen and refrigerated goods as well as frost sensitive products.